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Tanhon has a widespread sales and service network, with branch offices located in major cities across China. With Tanhon's employees always available to offer technical consultation and comprehensive services, the company ensures excellent customer support. Offering a leading range of products, including 12 series such as MD, MN, MJ, Z, W, MP, NMRV, MTH and MTB, Tanhon's products feature power support ranging from 0.18 to 4000KW and nearly 40,000 transmission ratios. In short, Tanhon product supermarkets are readily available, providing you with a wide selection of options at any time.

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How to Check the Gearbox and Gear Reducer Oil Level

Learn how to check the gearbox oil level with our step-by-step guide. Ensure optimal performance with tips from TanHonCD. Visit us for expert advice!


How to Determine the Right Gear Reducer for Your Application

Learn how to choose the right gear reducer for your application by understanding torque, gear ratio, and environmental factors. Get practical advice and explore Tanhon's offerings.


What Are The Gearbox And Gear Reducer

A comprehensive guide to gearboxes and gear reducers in the machinery industry, explaining their importance, types, applications, and benefits. Learn how these components improve efficiency, control, and equipment lifespan.

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