Spiral bevel gear reducer cooling methods are several, the following site for everyone to introduce, reducer commonly used several cooling methods:

The first cooling method uses a cooling fan. When the reducer is installed, install a cooling fan on the input shaft and let the fan blow the air against the box of the gearbox.

There is a little need to add here, because the length of L3 is two, now see this is with a fan, the length of some, the other is without a fan.

Second, cooling coil. This is in the gear box, put the cooling coil, while the water, while the water, through the flow of the way, the use of gear box lubricating oil temperature down.

Third, cooling fan + cooling coil. This is easy to understand, that is, the combination of the above two together.

The fourth is cooled using an external lubricating oil cooling device. This way, suitable for use with large load, heat and more equipment. When the gear box is running, use the oil pump, the oil inside the gear box to play out to cool, while the oil at room temperature into the gear box, with the way to cool the oil.

The above four ways, the former two commonly used, customers can choose to use in the actual conditions.