In the use of spiral bevel gear reducer at the same time, we should master some skills to make our spiral bevel gear reducer more easy to use at the same time, but also to extend the life of reducer for our business to reduce production costs to make a little small Small contribution.

Spiral bevel gear reducer 3 points using the following skills:

1, after the operation of 200-300 hours, should be the first oil change, in the future use of the oil should be regularly check the quality of mixed with impurities or deterioration of the oil to be replaced. Under normal circumstances, for long continuous work of the reducer, according to run 5000 hours or once a year to replace the new oil, long-term use of the reducer, before re-operation should also replace the new oil reducer should be added with the original brand of the same oil , May not be mixed with different grades of oil, the same grades and different viscosity of the oil allows mixed use.

2, oil change to wait for the reducer to cool down without burning danger so far, but should remain warm, because the complete cooling, the oil viscosity increases, oiling difficulties. CAUTION: Turn off the drive and prevent inadvertent power.

3, the work, when the oil temperature rise above 80 ℃ or oil tank temperature exceeds 100 ℃ and produce abnormal noise and other phenomena should stop using, check the reasons, must be troubleshooting, the replacement of lubricants before they can continue to run The

For the use of the reducer, we should bear in mind the above 3 points to use the skills, and the operation of the reducer and inspection found in the problem for a serious record for future maintenance use.